About Us

Care@ is a specialist healthcare business that recruits permanent and temporary staff for supply to all sectors of the healthcare industry, established in 1999 following the successful business model of other owned nursing, care and more generalist agencies that have been operating since 1986. We have links with companies in other fields such as resource management and back office functions. We have an excellent network of branches which between them offer national coverage.

Care@ operates across a broad band of the Healthcare activities. Healthcare is already one of the fastest growing sectors available today and as political and personal pressure grows so will the available market. This business arena is one of the most stable and exciting opportunities available anywhere! Since 1986 the group out of which Care@ was born has been developing expertise, policies, procedures and systems that put it at the absolute pinnacle of today’s recruitment market place.

Can you remember a time when the healthcare industry ever slowed down, or became less of a political “hot potato”, became overstaffed or had its standards brought up to a level of excellence that the press can only talk about short waiting lists, clean and efficient hospitals, no further need to import trained staff? No!

Likewise have you ever known as many opportunities for work in the private sector, either via an agency or with the ever increasing private hospitals, nursing and care homes, residential homes or domiciliary care delivered to private individuals? No!

Is it likely that this and future Governments will spend increasing amounts of money in this area? Yes. And with legislation becoming ever more demanding, is there a bright future for Care@? Yes, but it is not a licence to print money.

CQC demand extremely high standards as they should. To satisfy the criteria they set gives comfort to our clients. They know our staff is well trained, our candidates are of the highest quality and our systems are robust enough to stand snap audits at any time. You can be assured of the highest level of service available today.

Roger Mason